Boundary Training Courses – Online & Live One-on-One

SOS ThreeSixty offers several Boundary Training courses to address the unique needs of Independent Schools and Boarding Schools, as well as an individual boundary training workshop.

Our focused expertise in abuse prevention boundary training in an independent school context underpins all offerings.

Please contact us with your questions and any unique requirements for your school or association.

school safety abuse prevention guidelines for teachers

Boundary Training for Independent Schools

This SOS ThreeSixty training program is intended for all school staff, as only an integrated safety community will effectively work together for student safety.

The course is for:

  • Teaching Staff
  • Residential Life
  • Non-Teaching Staff
  • Facilities Staff (Custodians, Security, Maintenance)
  • Athletics Coaches
  • Contractors (including seasonal staff)

The online course is offered to schools and associations at a fixed cost per participant, with ongoing course availability throughout the year to accommodate new hires as they are onboarded.

Boundary Training for Boarding Schools

Boarding Schools offer an exceptional educational experience while facing unique safety challenges. A specific training for this school setting is the most effective and appropriate approach for maintaining boundaries between staff and students and having the safest boarding school environment.

Key content includes:

  • The independent school boarding student experience and vulnerabilities.
  • Boundaries & appropriate teaching faculty, residential life & non-teaching staff/student interactions.
  • Prevention of common and uncommon risks in the boarding environment and with students off-campus.

Our experts address the most common safety concerns, the most subtle situations and how to avoid unpredictable crises. Through detailed examples and scenarios, best practices and quizzes, this course will ensure your staff is prepared.

One-on-One Boundary Training

The one-on-one Boundary Training workshop is intended for an individual who may have exhibited inappropriate behavior but has otherwise been regarded as a valuable employee.

The participant may be a full-time or seasonal staff member who does not fully appreciate how their actions may be perceived.

Our experts will address the most common safety concerns as well as issues that are specific to the individual participant.

Key content includes:

  • The importance of boundaries to protect from unintentional mistakes, misunderstandings & misconduct.
  • Appropriate communication within a school setting.
  • Personal relationships within a work setting.
  • Social media –acceptable/unacceptable/grey areas.
  • Strategies for ongoing success at a school.

The intent is to guide the participant to safer and more acceptable behavior and reduce the risk of a mistake or misunderstanding.

Boundary Training Results

Abuse prevention. Yes please.

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