Abuse Prevention & Safety Program for Camps & Youth Sports

SOS ThreeSixty is a team of safety experts providing comprehensive training and policy support to camps and youth sports organizations.

We understand the unique privilege and enormous responsibility that comes with working with children and being an integral part of their present and future success. We create abuse prevention and safety solutions for private and independent schools, camps, youth sports, and other youth development programs.

The SOS ThreeSixty team has devoted their lives and careers to protecting children via enhancing effective safety policies and providing Boundary Training. Our programs exceed the requirements of most insurers.

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Abuse Prevention & Safety Training for Camps & Sports

SOS ThreeSixty delivers comprehensive, interactive training programs to ensure that everyone working in your organization maintains the highest safety standards.

We work with you to ensure these trainings are in line with your culture and address overall safety concerns, as well as those specific to your camp or sport – and participants. Our trainings include self-paced online modules, live online sessions and optional in-person workshops at your location.

Upon completion, your entire team will understand the importance of boundaries. Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and reporting will be established in a culture of safety that protects your community. Certification and tracking will support insurance and legal requirements.

The essential elements of a Culture of Safety include clear boundaries, hiring practices that bring the right people into your school, and chaperone/volunteer training to support safety and abuse prevention everywhere.

Courses include :

Boundary Training – Creating a Culture of Safety at Camp

Effective and appropriate boundaries between staff and campers are fundamental to having the safest camp, where everyone in your community shares the same understanding of their responsibilities.

When educating staff about safety, policies and training must reflect a camp’s culture. The information provided needs to be delivered in a way that is easily understood by all staff – counselling and non-counselling – and leaves no opportunity for misunderstanding.

The culture of your institution is threaded throughout all activities in your community. Boundary Training should be no different. The training should be relatable and specific, to address any situation that may come up within your grounds and beyond.

The SOS ThreeSixty program helps make your camp safer and will engage your entire community in a culture of child safety and abuse prevention.

Safer Hiring Practices

It is critical for a camp’s recruiting approach to include an analysis of how candidates will navigate the “Culture of Safety.”

Every individual who joins a camp community should be screened for safety in the same way. Once your candidate becomes part of your circle of trust, they have immediate access to all campers in your care.

It is critical that everyone responsible for hiring is trained on proper interviewing techniques that help identify the candidates who have the best intentions for working with and around children – and to screen out – those who do not.

This program will be specific to your camp and provide opportunities to go in-depth with the strategies that really get to the heart of who the candidate is. The lasting impact for you, is a much safer and comprehensive hiring process for your camp.

Abuse Prevention Reference Checking

SOS ThreeSixty’s reference checking service provides the information you need to make a worry-free hiring decision.

You will be able to help determine a candidate’s “Safety Suitability” to work around children and if they will be a good fit for your camp or sports league’s culture, and document a thorough hiring process for insurance compliance.

Child Safety First

Properly conducted, reference checks provide you with a full picture of your candidates, often presenting even more information than their actual interview.

Our reference checks are thorough and revealing. You will receive a comprehensive report for each individual candidate.

Our training allows us to make references comfortable and forthcoming, so that we uncover the subtle inconsistencies that could put the safety of your young athletes or campers at risk.

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Abuse Prevention Policy Review

Clear polices will ensure that your internal and external stakeholders have clear and actionable abuse prevention guidance. Good policy will give the entire team a consistent, cohesive approach to safety and risk management while fulfilling insurance and legal requirements.

We work with you to identify risk areas and take appropriate action to mitigate them. The following are some of the areas we address:

  • Counsellor/Camper Boundaries on and off grounds.
  • Misconduct Response.
  • Creating a Safer Environment for Coaches and Student Athletes.
  • Improved Social Media Policies.
  • Risk Management Protocols for Field Trips (off of the camp’s grounds).
  • Visitor Policies.
  • Youth Misconduct Prevention and Response.
  • Best Practices for Diversity & Inclusion.
  • Updated Safety Policies for LBGTQ+ Students.

Policy Review Key Documents

Your school’s policies are presented in audience-specific documents, including:

  • Camp Handbook.
  • Family Handbook.
  • Fieldtrip (off camp grounds) Protocols.

The SOS ThreeSixty, Inc. policy review process will assess each of these key documents relative to best practice, compliance requirements and your specific needs and objectives.

Act for Safety

Please contact us for a free consultation to see how we might support safety and abuse prevention at your camp, sports league, or youth serving organization.

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