Policy Review Services for Camps and Youth Sports

Children learn through creating meaningful relationships and clear, sensible boundaries create the freedom and understanding to establish appropriate relationships.

We work with you to identify risk areas and take appropriate action to mitigate them. The following are some of the areas we address:

  • Counsellor/Camper Boundaries on and off grounds.
  • Misconduct Response.
  • Creating a Safer Environment for Coaches and Student Athletes.
  • Improved Social Media Policies.
  • Risk Management Protocols for Field Trips (off camp grounds).
  • Visitor Policies.
  • Youth Misconduct Prevention and Response.
  • Best Practices for Diversity & Inclusion.
  • Updated Safety Policies for LBGTQ+ Students.

Camp Policy Review Key Documents

Your school’s policies are presented in audience-specific documents, including:

The SOS ThreeSixty policy review process will assess each of these key documents relative to best practice, compliance requirements, and your specific needs and objectives.

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Clear protocols and follow-up. Consistent policy and controls prevent abuse.

Camp Handbook

To be effective, the Camp Handbook must be digestible with easy-to-understand policies that clearly indicate the expectations of all staff, so that there are no misunderstandings.

Family Handbook

Families are a key partner of your camp, so defining what is expected of them, helps with accountability for both the camp and the camper’s support system.

Field Trip Protocols

Since Duty of Care is equally required and expected when campers are off the grounds field trip protocols define expectations for campers and staff and serve as a conduct guide for all.

Camp Policy Review Results

Safety starts with policy.

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