Reference Checking for Camps & Sport Leagues

SOS ThreeSixty’s reference checking service provides the information you need to make a worry-free hiring decision.

You will be able to help determine a candidate’s “Safety Suitability” to work around children and if they will be a good fit for your camp’s culture.

Properly conducted, reference checks provide you with a full picture of your candidates, often presenting even more information than the actual counsellor interview.

Reference Checking Experts

Are you hiring virtually for camp this season? Do you need to make a last minute or unexpected hire? Reference checks will remove that nagging doubt you have about a candidate and will reassure you about the ones that seem too good to be true.

Our reference checks are thorough and detailed. You will receive a comprehensive report for each individual candidate.

Our training allows us to conduct reference checks that help determine if your potential counsellor could put the safety of your campers at risk.

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“I continue to be impressed with the in-depth information that SOS ThreeSixty gleans from our candidates’ references.”

– Ande Noktes,
Former Head of School, Centner Academy, Miami
& Founder, Midtown International School, Atlanta

Child Safety First

At SOS ThreeSixty we ask very specific, in-depth questions, providing an additional level of detail needed to make a great hiring decision.

We specifically check your candidate’s references for safety issues related to working around children, complementing the background check that you may also conduct.

Abuse prevention is our focus.

Remote Hiring & Abuse Prevention

With many of our clients recruiting and interviewing remotely, the strategies that we’ve developed may be the most effective in deciding if you’re hiring the best and safest candidates – without ever having met with them.

It’s critical for a camp’s recruiting approach to include an analysis of how candidates will navigate the culture of safety. Every individual who joins the camp community should be screened for safety with the same strategies.

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