One-on-One Boundary Training

When dealing with a challenging employee who may need some extra guidance on boundaries (either with other colleagues or students), SOS ThreeSixty provides your school with a focused, one-on-one, Boundary Training that allows for a customized experience.

Audiences - Boundary Training for Schools: Creating a Culture of Safety

The one-on-one Boundary Training workshop is intended for an individual who may have exhibited inappropriate behavior but has otherwise been regarded as a valuable employee.

The participant may be a full-time or seasonal staff member who does not fully appreciate how their actions may be perceived.

Our experts will address the most common safety concerns as well as issues that are specific to the individual participant.

The intent is to guide the participant to safer and more acceptable behavior and reduce the risk of a mistake or misunderstanding.

“The advice the training provides comes from a place of care and concern for educators and will create a trusting, engaging relationship that ultimately leads to the safest environment possible at schools.”

– Mike Hanas
Head of School, San Francisco Friends School

Workshop Content.

The workshop participant meets individually with SOS ThreeSixty for the focussed session.

Through detailed and specific examples and scenarios, this workshop will ensure that your valued staff member will have the opportunity to adjust their behavior and adopt best-in-class standards of clear boundaries.

The content and specific examples are key to the workshop’s effectiveness and the content is prepared to address the school-specific situation and the participant’s experience.

Key Content

  • Educators’ unique privilege and responsibility.
  • The importance of boundaries to protect from unintentional mistakes, misunderstandings & misconduct.
  • Common issues and how to mitigate them.
  • Appropriate communication within a school setting.
  • Personal relationships within a work setting.
  • Social media –acceptable/unacceptable/grey areas.
  • Strategies for ongoing success at a school.

Quick Facts

  • Total training time: one half day (3 hours)
  • Invaluable for staff who require help to adopt best practices.
  • Helps avoid significant issues by mitigating risk and educating individuals who exhibited boundary challenges.

One-on-One Boundary Training Results

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