Safer Hiring Practices Training for Schools

It is critical for a school’s recruiting approach to include an analysis of how candidates will navigate the “Culture of Safety.“

Every individual who joins a school community should be screened for safety in the same way. Once your candidate becomes part of your circle of trust, they have immediate access to all students in your care. It is critical that everyone responsible for hiring is trained on proper interviewing techniques that help identify the candidates who have the best intentions for working with and around children – and to screen out – those who don’t.

This program will be specific to your school and provide opportunities to go in-depth with the strategies that really get to the heart of who the candidate is. The lasting impact for you, is a much safer and comprehensive hiring process for your school.

Audiences - Safer Hiring Practices Training

The SOS ThreeSixty training program is intended for all school staff involved in the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process, as only an integrated safety community can effectively work together for student safety. The course is for:

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It is critical for a camp’s recruiting approach to include an analysis of how candidates will navigate the “Culture of Safety.”

Format - Current Practice Review & Live Training

“Kick Off” Hiring Practice Overview Meetings

The training program starts with meetings between SOS ThreeSixty and your school to review current hiring strategies and discuss specific examples and experiences that should be mentioned during the in-person/virtual live session.

The relatability of the training content and specific examples presented are key to its effectiveness and the content is prepared to reflect your school, empowering your staff to be effective in supporting the safest school community.

Key Content

  • Review of your school’s hiring practices.
  • Review of current safety screening protocols.
  • Discovery of specific situations and case study examples to use to tailor the live session to your school.

Live Training: Asking the Right Questions: Hiring Strategies for Better Screening of Employees and Minimizing Risk

SOS ThreeSixty will prepare a live group session that brings to life the key learnings of the program and incorporates specific local examples and experiences.

Relevant and localized content will engage your team, and the training session will reinforce and contextualize the key learnings.

Two-hour, in-person or virtual training “ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS: Hiring Strategies for Better Screening of Employees and Minimizing Risk” that covers the following topics:

Key Content

  • Conducting an interview to screen for safety.
  • Specific questions to ask during an interview.
  • How to recognize deception during an interview – and what to do.
  • Best practices in conducting reference checks.
  • Specific questions to ask of references.

Quick Facts

  • Two-hour session.
  • Offered as an online group meeting or in-person at your school.
  • Participant driven questions are addressed.
  • All content tailored to your community.

The results :

Hire right. Hire safe.

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