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Distance Learning Safety Guide

As school leaders, your staff and your school community look to you for guidance and support. It’s exactly what they need right now. We know that establishing school-wide distance learning programs, virtually overnight, is an incredible feat. You and your staff should be very proud.

For many students and their families, your online learning initiatives are the most normal and the most calming part of their day. The reality, however, is that distance learning creates circumstances that could impact student safety and the safety of the school community.

Some teachers may find themselves in unfamiliar situations that test their judgment and sense of boundaries. Others may not be aware of how the conventions that traditionally
govern their actions should be transposed from a physical setting to a virtual one.

While we may not want to consider it, less honorable teachers may take advantage of the decreased oversight for inappropriate purposes.

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Reference Checking Guide for Schools

Have you ever had to hire a teacher urgently? Maybe right before school starts? Or, another
teacher decided to retire a year early. Perhaps your school is growing and you need to hire
more teachers.

Regardless of the reason you need to hire, how do you ensure that when you do make a decision to bring someone new into your school community, you aren’t missing indicators of problematic behavior? You want to hire teachers with the best intentions who adhere to ethical standards, professionalism and are safe to work around children.

How do you have confidence that your final candidate is really the best fit?