30-Minute Boundary Training for All Your New Hires

Your Hiring Is Year-Round – Your Boundary Training Should Be Too

Boundary Training for Schools: Creating a Culture of Safety is an asynchronous, 30-minute online course created specifically for Independent Schools. 

Schools may provide the program to new hires throughout the year to ensure that everyone within their community is trained. A version of the course – specific to Canadian Independent Schools – is also available at no extra charge.


Key Content

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“We were looking for a program that would engage our staff and build on their safety knowledge and skills. After completing the SOS ThreeSixty Boundary Training, so many of my colleagues came up to me and said how strong and effective it was. 

This training brings home important messages and gave us such a good vocabulary and framework to sit down together and have meaningful discussions about connecting with our students in a caring and healthy way.”

– Julie O’Rourke, PhD.,
Academic & Social-Emotional Specialist
The Pingry School

“I have been in education for more than 25 years and this Boundary Training really did hit the mark (several actually) in a short period of time. Taking this course was quite assuring and humbling regarding the exposure busy independent schools face in our daily student interactions. 

In 30 minutes this training creates a really healthy balance between responsibility and the privilege of working with young people – all great in my book.”

– Andy Rodford,
Deputy Head of School
St. Michaels University School


Who should take the Boundary Training?
The SOS ThreeSixty, Inc. Boundary Training is intended for all school staff, as only an integrated safety community will effectively work together for student safety.

How long is the online course and how does it work?
The self-paced Boundary Training course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, is easily accessed on a computer or mobile device and learners can stop and start, as needed.

My insurer requires Boundary Training, how do I track who from my school has completed the course?
We track your school’s progress throughout the course, share with you monthly progress reports and provide an annual Certificate of Completion for each staff member for compliance.

How do we ensure that everyone retains the information throughout the year?
SOS ThreeSixty, Inc. offers an optional live group session that brings to life the key learnings of the asynchronous program. This session is often scheduled during a Professional Development Day and is interactive and specific to each school’s needs.

What is the cost for each learner?
The training course is available for $45.95 per individual learner and schools pay a minimal yearly access fee.


Take Action for Safety

Boundary Training. Yes please.

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